Smile again!

Kobe seaport

I finished the tour in Kobe on the 14th. It was a fabulous tour and members were awesome!!
Thanks to them, I could remember many of important things, which I almost forgot.
I like to report the tour in detail but another busy days (not tours) are going to start tomorrow.
So please wait until I find time!

Dear my Australian friends,

I hope you had a safe and comfortable flight back to home!
It was a great pleasure to have met you and shared wonderful moments together with you.
Thanks to you, I remembered how to smile!

at Golden Pavilion

I smiled but now I realized I can smile more from my heart.
And I remembered how much I love this job!

with Maiko-san at Kyoto station

Thank you very much for celebrating my birthday although my birthday was 5 months ago (^_-)-☆

with Australians at American restaurant, TonyRoma's in Kyoto

I'll post more photos after Hiro sends me.

See you soon!
Keep in touch!!


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