Yokohama, my hometown

Yokohama is a prefectural capital of Kanagawa and my hometown.
Its population is about 3.6 million and 2nd biggest city next to Tokyo.

Yokohama has 2nd biggest Chinatown next to San Francisco.

Yokohama seaport opened in 1858 and many foreigners settled here.
In order to communicate, they brought Chinese because Japanese and Chinese communicate by writing.

There is a popular pancake restaurant here.

Yokohama is a beautiful and romantic place.

This is my most favorite place in Yokohama, Minatomirai meaning "Future of Seaport".


The color of this Ferris wheel changes a lot.
I filmed a little of its colorfulness although it is not enough to deliver its beauty.


Honestly speaking, I don't think it is very attractive for foreign tourists.
But if you stay longer in Tokyo area, it may be a good idea to feel atmosphere of seaport.


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