Thank you for your prayer and support

Last night, I slept well without being woken up by tremors and mobile phones which tell us upcoming big earthquakes. People who couldn't come back home from Tokyo area arrived home safely the next day on foot and by subway(only a few were recovered). It took about nearly 10 hours for many people to walk back. But there was no chaos. People still lined up politely for buses and trains even in this state of emergency. I'm proud of being Japanese. This state of emergency made us reconsider our virtues.

The scenes of tsunami and destruction  make you worry a lot about us. Besides those areas, we live well, corporate and encourage each other although not everything is as usual. We know all over the world send us prayers and are ready to help us. Thank you so much! You are our hope.

Right now the thing which most concerns us is the nuclear power station. We can't get the detailed information yet. We know staff work very hard. We just keep praying for stopping it safely as soon as possible. Please send us prayer for it. This is our lesson we have to learn the nuclear power for the future.

The good thing is the weather is beautiful. The sun is shining today as usual.
I'll update our situation.


  1. So glad that you & your family are safe. We are sad that there continue to be huge dangers lurking like more tremors & the power plants. Our prayers to you continue. Love, JANICE

  2. Thank you, JANICE! Yes, it's true we are still afraid of more tremors and the power plants. My family and I are ready for all kinds of situations. We try not to foucus on sad parts. We try to live a daily life happily.