Earthquake in Japan

At first, I'm alright and safe at home with my family now.

A big earthquake hit Japan today. The seismic center is in northern part of Japan. I live near Tokyo but felt big tremor and still have aftershocks. All the public transportation systems were cancelled but a few of them were recovered just now(21:00). So many people can't go back home and are transported to shelters.

In my area, we don't need to worry about tsunami. But coastal districts had and still have severe damages.
There may be more tsunami coming.

I pray for no more casualties and quick recovery.

Please send us your prayer and love.

Thank you.


  1. Glad to hear that you are well Chiaki, all prayers and well wishings to you and the people of Japan.Per

  2. Thank you very much, Per!! I hope your area shouldn't be affected by tusnami.
    I hope everything will be alright soon and we can enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms.