my hobby

Today, I went to a pottery(ceramics)-making class for the first time since the earthquakes. One of my hobbies is pottery-making and I have done for 5 years.

These are my works of pottery.  The clay one in the middle was just made today, which is a medium-size bowl. The green plate is completed. I love the color! I used two types of glaze to get this color. The other 3 stuff should be glazed. There are several steps to complete. I'll show you how to make pottery step by step.
Today I just made a bowl of clay and next I'll scrape it.

It was fun to talk with somebody besides my family. One of my teachers is from Fukushima where the nuclear power plants are located. His family is OK but have much harder time getting food and fuel because most tracks refused to drive in that area.

It's gradually recovered in my area. I can find more food and get kerosene although the amount is limited.
The planned blackout is scheduled everyday but it is often canceled. It's all up to the balance between supply and demand. we all try to save energy.

I felt like eating some junk food after the class!!

Thank you very much for always praying for my safety!!!
I'm fine both mentally and physically. Slowly I try to go back to the daily life.


  1. So glad to hear you enjoyed your hobby & had a little fun! We continue to think & worry about you & everyone in Japan. XXOO JANICE KUNITSUGU

  2. Thank you so much for always mailing to encourage me, Janice! I introduced your photo of the care package in my Japanese-language blog.
    It will take a long time to recover fully and we have to relax and cooperate with everything.