Sun came out again!

We were ready for the planned blackout yesterday but the electricity didn't stop eventually in my area. It often happens but we always have to be ready for it. The funny thing of Japanese is people are really upset when the planned blackout didn't be conducted.
The angry energy make people tired and stressful. Please save that energy too! 

Today, we have the blackout twice in this area, 9:20 to 13:00 and 16:50 to 20:30. It's something like an athletic meeting, I feel. We often hear the announcement to tell what time it starts and watch news to tell which group is now during the blackout. When our turn comes, we do our best. I feel a little funny.

Last night, many of us pray together for the nuclear power stations with love and thanks. This idea is being widespread throughout Japan by blogs and twitters. We always keep praying for the nuclear power in Fukushima and eventually all over the world. They are never evil but have kept sending energy for our life for a long time. We have to find alternative energy resources as soon as possible BUT we should never forget how hard they have been working for us. Nothing Good or Bad exist. It is decided by YOU. NEVER judge but just accept as they are. Everything is just Perfect!

I like to show you yesterday's sun. I posted the last photo in my blog yesterday. Today I like to show you the process how she came out. She was hidden in the clouds but in a few seconds, she emerged.
Sun is always shining as usual and she has watched everything happening in our planet and will continue to watch.

Rainbow over the sun!
It's like our future vision.
No boundaries,  just One World!


  1. Dear Chiaky, I'm trying to learn how to post a comment in your blog....seens I got!!!!!
    Of course you can post ours photos.

    Best regards from Brazil. Marina and Laís

  2. Congratulations,Lais! Lots of Brazilians support me.
    I love to introduce my best friedns.
    Thank you very much for sending me your love!