the 4th day since big earthquakes

When I went to my nearest supermarket yesterday, nothing much was left there.  The day before, there were more things. Luckily, I bought food enough for my family for a while at that time.

Because our government announced yesterday we had 70% chance of another big earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 from 13th to 15th. and  50% chance until 20th., many people rushed into supermarkets.

Around my area, I didn't hear anything was broken(I don't know inside neighbors' house) and anybody was injured due to that big earthquakes. However it is being definitely affected.

This is the corner for bread near the entrance. Nothing!
Not only people bought all but also product couldn't be delivered due to the traffic situation.

The corner for already-made food. Nothing!

Vegetables were still there but I don't know today.

The corner for fish and shellfish. Almost gone!

Soybean products' corner. 
`Natto'(=fermented soybeans), our favorite, gone! `Tofu'(=soybean curd), some left!

Instant noodles at 2nd floor, getting fewer.

Inside the supermarket, it was dark due to saving energy.

The eastern part of Japan is running out of electricity. Needless to say, not only electricity but also gas, water are stopped at severely damaged areas. They couldn't get enough food and heat in addition to that.
Now Tokyo area is running out of electricity. Due to the frequency difference, we can't be supplied with enough power by the western part of Japan which is working alright. 

Therefore, Tokyo power company introduced the system under which 9 prefectures around Tokyo district are divided into 5 groups and the power supply should be sopped in turn.

For example, in my area, group 2, the power supply is cut from 10:00 to 13:00 and 18:20 to 22:00.
It was announced last night on TV but we couldn't get the detailed information. Then later, the leader of our area telephoned and let us know the exact time. Since my father was a leader of the district and he had to let neighbours know the information. It was the first experience! We never called neighbors.

Then we were ready for that. However, in the morning, the power company canceled the first stop and 2nd one too because you know I can use a computer right now.  But we don't know tomorrow. Anyway we should save energy!

However, all day today, many trains are stopped and we don't know which trains are operated form what time to what time. Of course, many people tried to go to office. Some clever people use a bicycle and bring an emergency bag, a helmet, one-night bag and so on.

I was supposed to go to see musical today but it was canceled. No trains are operating in my area. This situation continues for a while.

Luckily, I haven't had tours for a while so I don't need to commute anyway. According to my coworkers, they experienced this big earthquake with their guests. They had a hard time. I guess many tours in spring will be canceled.

Things I can do right now is to stay home safely and to take care of my family.
And by writing this blog, I let you know our situation and  by my Japanese-language blog, my friends and I encourage each other.

I try not to focus on bad sides. Bad sides are always with good sides, like night and day. I try not to judge good or bad, which is my philosophy. I accept everything, another earthquake or no more earthquake. Both are alright. I just accept as they are. I spend time with my family, smiling and taking care of each other.

Each of us are thinking what we can do as survivor! and promised to survive!!

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