Moved around a lot

I moved around a lot by bullet train yesterday and today.

First, heading for Hamamatsu while eating a piece of apple pie.

Then I checkd the hotel and talked with a staff there.

The plant statue is in front of Hamamatsu station in Shizuoka.
This funny guy is Ieyasu Tokugawa who opend Tokugawa Shogunate government in the 17th century.
Actually his birthplace is Aichi prefecture, next to Shizuoka.
But Shizuoka had strong connections with him.

I moved to Nagoya in Aichi prefecture next and ate late lunch.

Deep-fried pork dipped in red miso on top of rice and sliced cabbage.
This style of pork is a special meal here.

Then I met gusts and moved together to Hamamatsu.

Then finished!

My dinner, fried-noodle, gyoza dumplings and beer!

View from my hotel room.

I didn't notice I could see the Pacific Ocean until next morning.

I had to leave early for Shizuoka with guests.

I wish I could see this beautiful sunrise longer.

After I took them by bullet train, today's job was done and now I'm heading back for Yokohama.

That was very unique job but I am paid well.

Now I'm free! 
I shall go shopping today!!

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