the last full moon this year

Truly many things happened and are still happening on my life this year.
I can't be the same anymore.

Last month, my mother had a very high fever for a few days. Although she went to hospital both at night and daytime, her condition wasn't recovered. Then finally she became unconscious at home and taken to the hospital by ambulance. She had been almost unconscious for a few days but the doctor couldn't find the cause of a disease after many examinations. Finally he found one cause of her unconsciousness but it wasn't for her high fever. Her consciousness was gradually coming back but she still had high fever until recently.

I couldn't forget I prayed hard for her awakening and recovery on the last new moon.

Many of my friends prayed for her, helped and supported me and my family and still do the same.

Although she was awake, we still have many things to face now.

Fortunately, my tour season was over. I can devote my time to my mother and family.

She is recovering now anyway.
Please pray for my mother.

I guess many of my friends worry about me when I don't update.
I'm very fine. Although it is a hard time now, I started new relationships with my mother and my family, which is great. Now I understand my mother much better than before.

I don't think I can come back here this year.
But I'll be back next year although it takes time.

Thank you very much for everything in 2013.
I wish the rest of year 2013 and the New Year 2014 filled with Love and Peace for all of  you!!!

See you again!!

With love and light,



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