It is a new moon today!

I don't know if it's the reason or not but when I woke up this morning,

I felt Peace and Freedom came back in my heart.

The most painful torture for me is I can't express my truth and have to keep quiet

no matter what I feel dishonest and manipulated things happen outside.

But it is over now.
If it is the True Truth, the day comes when everything will be revealed.

There are 3 Truths, your truth, my truth and the right truth.

I just follow My Truth. Others' truth is sometimes helpful but it is not mine.

My Truth can be found only inside me.

And your truth can be found only inside you, not in others.

I trust and express My Truth

by writing, speaking, painting, creating, healing and all other tools.

I am a Free Spirit!

Enjoy a magical New Moon Day!!

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