my lovely sister's birthday at Tapas Molecular Bar

It is very HOT and HUMID all over Japan. The temperature is always over 30℃, usually around 35℃ and sometimes somewhere 40℃. It is said Japan is now subtropical.
I personally don't recommend tourists come to Japan in summer. It is hot in Tokyo, hotter in Kyoto and crazily hot in Hiroshima. Maybe Hokkido is good.
Before 2011, I kept working a lot during summer. I was sometimes almost unconscious in this ultra heat. But there are lots of summer events all over Japan. If you decide to come, please get yourself ready for the heat and humidity.
But for me, I'll have a break until Sep.1. I finished my last tour on August 8th and a next tour will be Sep.1.
Tokyo Tower and the Prince Park Tower Tokyo
August 8th was also my lovely little sister's birthday!
I have 2 brothers and a sister but I am very close to my sister. She is a sister and my best friend! 
Since she celebrated my birthday at Tokyo Disneyland on May 15th , I wanted to do something special for her!!
But she couldn't think of any ideas. It is very hot in August and she doesn't like outdoor activities. The first plan was "Eat! Eat! Eat!", which was we visited her favorite places to eat pancake, ice cream and so on. She loves to eat yummy food like me. But later we realized we couldn't eat as much as we expected... And a friend of mine introduced me a tour so we worked until early afternoon and we met at a special place for her celebration!

It was a hot day and a little hazy.

We got ourselves neat and tidy!

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

Sunflowers greeted us at lobby.

My beloved sister, Mika!

She was a Star of the day!
He knelt to pour champagne for her.


Happy Birthday, Mika!!!!

Kanpai! Cheers!!

She looks very young and when we were together, many thought we were a mother and daughter... But these days, we are said to look sisters finally. My ambition is I'll look a younger sister in the nearest future!!

The place where we chose for her celebration was Tapas Molecular Bar!

I was there with my guests in May and wrote about the place in this article, Tapas Molecular Bar.

When the Bar was ready, we were escorted and greeted chefs.

It was a great surprise!!
I met the same chefs who served us when we came last time. They remember me! They said since there were several chefs and they worked together with a different chef, the fact I could meet the same staff was a great coincidence!!
Wonderful Start!!

They were making aperitif.

Sake Bellini

Sake and something sweet on top, maybe peach?

Caramel Popcorn

Ice cream like popcorn inside coated with caramel.

Frozen dried tomato and mozzarella cheese on top.
New Soba

2m long buckwheat soba noodle. Keep eating until the end!

Broad bean Soup


Since I have a buckwheat allergy, they prepared broad bean soup for me. It was so great that my sister tried to finish it.


This dish depicted a scene of beach. The black shell was made of sugar and we could eat all!

Under Water Forest

Sea urchin at the bottom. Flavors at each layer were different. The flower around a spoon couldn't be eaten but we enjoyed the scent.

Deep Sea

Black stuff in the soup was squid ink.
We ate soup simple at first. Then we broke the liquid ink, mixed it with soup and ate it. Finally we add mustard mayonnaise on a spoon and ate it.

The video below explained how to make this black stuff. He said sodium alginate which was like kelp slime reacted on calcium and became solid. The stuff in a spoon may be the sodium alginate containing squid ink.

It was indeed a scientific experiment!

Summer Mountain Stream

It was very real! I wanted to keep watching it. Except for a stone and a bamboo leaf, all were edible. Last time, I could eat a stone, actually it was a stone shaped potato. So I was ready to eat it but the chefs stopped me!



Use a spoon to break it!
Consomme gelee came out.


When opening the lid, tasty smoke came up and and choked me because I was ready to smell all.
Smoked chicken and ground cherries.


Xiaolongbao associated me with Chinese dumplings with soup in it. But this Xiaolongbao was ram meat with juice in it. The idea was like Chinese dumplings, they said. Put the sour cream on the meat, one bite and chew in the mouth, then eat a small peach at the end.

Japanese beef had been cooked at 55℃ for 6 hours.
It was very soft and juicy. It was my most favorite dish of the day!
A black stuff next to meat was bread and cheese in it. The flower was also edible.
Now Degustation was over! Then move to Desserts and Petits Fours!!
Desserts started with Mint Puff!!
In the video below, the chef explained how to eat it and we all followed what he did one by one.
Last time I came here, I tried this but couldn't eat it well. This time I was satisfied!
But my sister wants to come back and try again!


Do you recognize the color was changed?
After salt like stuff at the dish front was added, the color was changed like sunset!

Look at the butterfly! Small fine work. It was made from apple.

Cappuccino Cotton Candy, Olive Oil Gummy, NY Cheesecake and so on.

Fruits and a miracle seed.
Chew sour fruits at first and have a miracle seed.
Then chew another sour fruits they gave us. Magically those sour fruits tasted very sweet!
This is the end of the course!!

Look small portions but we were full!!
You may wonder the taste? They all tasted Great!!

Thank you very much, our handsome chefs!!
There were 8 guests.
They chose this place to celebrate their special events like birthday and wedding anniversary. There was a special surprise for them at the end. But I won't tell you.
It is Special and Top Secret!!
Please come and enjoy the amazing food and once-in-your-life-time experience!!

After dinner was finished, we had tea at lounge.
I hope my sister had a memorable birthday.

I love to be celebrated but I also love to celebrate.
Celebration brings more Celebration!
Happiness brings more Happiness!

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