Full moon power

It'll be a perfect full moon at 10:44 tomorrow morning.
The power of a moon is already very strong tonight.
Full moons these days are getting more powerful.
When I see, I can see its power but when I see it through my camera,
I can see energy swirling around the moon.
I'm influenced a lot by a moon cycle.
The next day when I feel I'm super great, I suddenly feel I'm worthless, lonely, hopeless...
When I feel such feelings, it is always a few days before a full moon.
I felt very tired and emotional, didn't want to do anything yesterday.
Then I looked up sky and found a waxing moon.
I am disappointed but I think some feel super hilarious before a full moon.
If we know the pattern, we don't worry too much.
In my case, when I feel such things, I take a hot bath with a handful of sea salt since salt has a function of purification, and have time for meditation and self-healing.  
When a full moon is over, my reality suddenly moves and I become busy again. 
Therefore before and during a full moon, I just indulge myself.
If you feel the same way, don't worry too much and just spoil yourself.

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