the end of the Pacific War

It is the anniversary of the end of the Pacific War today.

The other day, I shared a video below on my Facebook.
The title is "How to use our life ~ things we have to know as Japanese"
This video shows scenes just before the end of war. They knew they were loosing but decided to risk their life. Many young men flew with one-way fuel to attack and was ready to die for Japan and also for future Japanese to let us remember they died for future freedom

A friend of mine in USA also shared my video and he posted the article below.


Lots of news about the war and the A-bombs are on TV and newspaper in August in Japan and we reconsider war and freedom every year. But my friend says no commentaries about the war in USA.

There are many ways to say "the end of the war".

Japan says,
"the memorial day for the end of the war" or

"the day for mourning of war dead and praying for peace"

USA and the United Nations say,
"Victory over Japan Day"

Internationally people say,
"the anniversary of the end of World War II" or

"the anniversary of the end of the Pacific War"

The day of the war ending in Japan is August 15 but for other countries, September 2 is also another choice. 

It's very difficult to talk about wars. As a tour guide, I studied a lot about wars from many different points of views.

A few times in my life as a tour guide, I escorted mixed groups of American, Jew and German who often started arguing. One German said "War is not subject but object". Although I forgot the context, the phrase is still impressive to me.

I also guide tourists in Hiroshima and Nagasaki where A-bombs were dropped and I always think how to tell them. But I always tell them the history from Japanese side because they choose to visit the sites with Japanese guide.

We can't change the history but shouldn't repeat wars and should stop wars.

Not arguing or debating, just knowing differences is important, I believe.

Keep Peace in our mind.


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