the winter solstice and new moon

Today, Dec. 22nd is the winter solstice.
The length of daytime is the shortest and it's getting longer day by day from tomorrow.

The shortest daytime means the longest nighttime, which is the length of darkness is the longest.
Some of you might have to face your ugly and immature parts you hate.
And you are trapped in bad delusion and think the world around you negatively.

It is said that people who are spiritually awakening are affected by natural cycle like moon cycle and planet retrograde.

Therefore, if you feel negative, it might be due to the winter solstice.
Then now it's over and you can feel better.

In addition to that, the last new moon this year is on Dec. 25th.
Soon after the date is changed, it is the full moon at 3:06am,

The darkness is over at the winter solstice and the new beginning starts at the new moon.

Enjoy the new start!

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