pastel therapy workshop

Last weekend, I had a pastel therapy workshop. 3 people attended. One cancelled due to her family problem.
I usually have a pastel workshop at my friend's house or my pottery studio.
I like to find another places to have more classes for not only pastel but also different type of workshops next year.

All of them attended my workshop several times.
So we finished the first picture for 30 minutes after my guided meditation.
While they were meditating, I guided them to have the image of picture and colors.

We painted a Christmas tree for the 2nd picture. They had a little hard time but their Christmas tree was very beautiful!

After we finished painting, we enjoyed tea and cake. My friend made cheesecake for us, which was very delicious!!

My workshop still continued. I used this guidance board behind the cheesecake and oracle cards and answered their questions. Then after we cleared our vision, I did guided meditation to make their dream come true.

Many of my workshop participants say my workshops bring them change and transformation.
That's why they like to come back!
I never intend to do so but if they say so maybe it's because I myself keep changing and never stop.
And I guess I am no more a typical Japanese after I met a variety of people from many countries.
My way of thinking is very new to them and they think they can do whatever they like to do beyond their limitation. Maybe I just stimulate their limit only a little bit. They are also ready to change!
I don't like people who always wait for somebody coming up to change their life, depend on others and expect others to change them
Freedom and Independence are very important for me!

I'll have one more pastel therapy workshop this year and take a break.
I'll think what I like to do next year in the meantime.

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