Feel more free!

I enjoyed the full-moon lunar eclipse last night.
It was over after 1:00 midnight.
After the separation from the sun, the moon was shining happily.

When there are always things important just besides us, we can't notice how important they are.
But once we are away from them or lose them, we can realize their importance.

I hope we can notice things important before we lose them and are away from them.
But things important and necessary always return to us.
If they don't come back, they haven't belonged to us or they haven't been necessary since the beginning.
We can't possess things which don't exist inside us.
Everything outside reflect things inside us.
If those come back to you again, your happiness must be much deeper than that when you keep them from the beginning.

We lose nothing necessary and important.
Don't need to be afraid!

I was thinking of above things while I was watching the moon shining again last night.

Sun these days are beautiful again after rainy and cloudy days.
I love sun and moon.

Actually I have many things I'm afraid of.
I like to run away from them and keep hiding myself.
But I don't feel free in those situations.
I was born to be free.
So I promise myself I'm not afraid of anything anymore and fly freely.


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