Full-moon lunar eclipse today!

It is full moon today in Japan! Today's full moon is not only full moon but also lunar eclipse!
We are all excited to see this phenomenon. It is said that we can see the eclipse perfectly in Japan for the first time in 11 years!!

Beautiful full moon!

The eclipse started at 9:45 pm Japan time.
The maximum eclipse is at 11:31 pm.
Then it finishes at 1:18 tomorrow.
We all enjoy this Heavenly Show!

This photo was taken around 10:30 pm.

Our planet is between sun and moon. Therefore the light from the sun can't reach to the moon and the moon is eclipsed.
That means we can see the shadow of our planet reflected on the moon. As long as we don't get on the space shuttle, we can't see our planet. But today we can get the idea of our planet even it is only its shadow. I love this idea! Heavenly Romance!!
I'll keep looking at sky until the eclipse finises!

I just took this photo right now at 11:10 pm.
The moon seemed to be red.
I'm very excited!!

Please enjoy this full-moon lunar eclipse all over the world!


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