Savor Everything!!

I was busy until last week for myself and have been busy for my family. Then I finally found time for painting!

Savor Everything!!

I know `savor' is for food.
But like savoring a variety of flavors like sweet, bitter, spicy and sour,
we savor all kinds of emotions, experiences and relationships.

I love spicy, sweet and sour, all kinds of flavors

Therefore, we savor everything which happens in front of us and emotions which are caused by those happenings.

When you have a bitter experience, please allow yourlsef to be soaked in the bitterness.
When you are sad, please allow yourself to be soaked in the sadness.
When you are angry, unless you trouble others, please allow yourself to take the anger out.

I'm sure something will be born from deep sadness, furious anger and uncontrollable bitterness.

But if these emotions are not genuine, only fake can be born.
And that fake bubbles disappear on their way up.

When you reach the bottom of bottom,
genuine bubbles, genuine desires, genuine yourself and genuine pass can be born.

Those genuine bubbles are led by light.
Bubbles of sadness and anger are transformed into bubbles of joy, happiness and light.

Even when you are soaked alone in the sadness at the bottom of the deep ocean,
the light reaches you.
You just don't notice the fact because your sadness is so deep.

When you are good, you can be somebody's light and guide the person.
When you are not good, somebody can be your light and guide you.

We are not alone.
We are each other's light.
We shine on each other's light brightly.
We walk the pass of light together.

I'm here to make your light burn brighter
like you make mine burn brighter.

in love and light,

...I was thinking of those things while I was painting this picutre...

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