a pottery show

After the Autumnal Equinox Day on the 23rd was over, it's getting cooler and I can feel autumn has started.

The pottery school I attend had a show from Sep. 6th to 10th. I made posters for this show.

You can see one of my posters on the right side of the entrance. It was just before opening and many students came to help displaying potteries.

This is Maneki-Neko(=beckoning cat, good luck cat), beckoning money and customers. It was located at the entrance. All parts including its eyes and golden charm are made from clay. This was done by one of students.

All the students made 2 types of potteries based on themes. The first theme was potteries for drinking, like mug cups, sake cups, soup cups and so on. These shelves were for those cups.

I made a cup for special green tea called Maccha. 

This cup can be used not only for tea but also for food and sometimes accessories.

The second theme was free! Students mad whatever they liked to make.

This was amazing! Nadeshiko Japan, Japan's women soccer team! Very small works were done by a gentle man in his late 50's. A variety of students, men and women, young and old attend my pottery class.

This whole set was made by a young woman. She made a bell and an offertory box. Beautiful!

This is my another work. My theme for this is "the World of Love and Harmony".
I love mermaids, dolphins and moon.

I got some idea from this below shadow picture done by Seiji Fujishiro.
I love all kinds of art but especially I realize I love painting so much. I try to paint on not only paper but also pottery.

Finally, this is my another poster at the other entrance.

The pottery show was over successfully. I enjoyed making potteries and posters for the show.

It is said that autumn is best for food, art and exercise. I enjoy everything!!

In addition to that, I love to see autumn leaves. I'll teach how to paint autumn leaves for my pastel workshop next month!

Enjoy beautiful and lovely autumn season!

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