My 2nd poster

I'll introduce my 2nd poster! The size is 80cm x 60cm. I usually paint 15cm x 15cm. I wanted to paint on a large paper and my dream came true very quickly! But I'm usually careless. My sister is very careful so she worried me a lot... I made a draft by pencil. I guess I became more careful after I made two posters.

This time, I liked to make lots of circles by using many colors!

I made patterns again and checked the colors.

I ground pastel by a special net.

Painted by hand. I was very happy to use my whole hands! I sometimes use my both hands to paint. Actually painting is a good exercise! Standing up, moving around and using my whole body!

Three circles were completed. Then... this is a pottery show. I have to advertise them!

Yes! bowl, vase and cup are appearing!

I added more circles. Very colorful and enjoyable!

These two are very different. I love both of them! Thank you very much for giving me this chance!

It is the first day for a pottery show tomorrow and I'll go to help! I'll take more photos there!

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