beautiful evening

I was supposed to post photos taken at the pottery show but the sunset today was very beautiful so I like to post the photos of the beautiful evening. Please enjoy them!

I happened to take this photo with a flying bird.
It flew just besides me after this.

I want to be like a bird,
flying freely to places where I like to go,
at any time when I like to go.

Sunset is a special moment
when I feel it is connected to another dimension.

All the nature is very beautiful with the reflection of sunset.

It is a magical moment .

Everything outside we see is the reflection of what's inside us

Keep Love and Harmony in your heart.

We'll see Love and Harmony outside.

At the other side of sunset, the moon can be seen.
This moment and this view are gifts from Heaven.

It'll be a full moon soon.
This full moon in September is very special to Japanese.
Hope Love and Harmony prevail all over the world.

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