September has started!

I'm spending a quiet weekend while the typhoon 12 is passing through Japan. We number typhoons so this is 12th one this year. We usually have more of them maybe ten more are coming this year. This typhoon is very slow and stay around Japan about a week. Therefore, since past few days until maybe tomorrow, it continues suddenly raining heavily and stopping. My area is not hit severely but still affected.

Not only Japan but also many other countries go through nature challenges like earthquakes and hurricanes. I hope all of you around the world are alright.

It's quiet but there are changes in Japan. We have the new Prime Minister and the new Cabinet members. We vote parties and candidates and the President of the ruling party is the Prime Minister in Japan. We can't choose the Prime Minister directly and the members of the ruling party can choose him. There aren't certain terms to complete as Prime Minister in Japan. But one term as the President of the ruling party is 3 years and he can stay for 2 terms at maximum, meaning 6 year. Unfortunately, many Prime Ministers can't complete the terms because his members pass a vote of nonconfidence in the Cabinet. If he doesn't like it, he has to dissolve the Diet and have election again.

A good thing is hot and humid summer is ending. I can feel coolness in the air and start hearing autumn insects chirping. We have 4 more months this year. I hope you can accomplish what you desire to do this year.

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