I was making posters

I spend lots of time making potteries and painting these days.

Since I don't have tours and have much time, I decided to learn pastel-painting, which I had dreamed of  learning how to paint and got a license as an semi-instructor this May. This is what the pastel-painting is like → http://loveheart515.blogspot.com/2011/05/my-first-pastel-class.html  After I had several painting workshops, I decided to be an instructor and studied a little more last month. Now I'm an instructor! Luckily, my workshop has good reputations and many like to take my lesson!

This pastel-painting is opening my new doors. I was asked to make posters for my pottery school because the school has a pottery show from Sep. 6th to 10th. I made several plates and a tea cup specially for this event. They are not sold but displayed. I'll introduce my art works after taking their photos.

Today, I like to show you my posters and the process how to make them!

First, I wrote the information by Magic Marker. Then prepared several patterns.

In Japan, the full moon in September is special. It takes time to explain why so please let me skip it.  This September full moon is always associated with rabbits, Japanese pampas grass(=susuki) and damplings(=dango). By the way, this special full moon this year is on the 12th.

I painted the sky.

By using the pattern, I erased and painted again by fingers. What will appear?

It's MOON! I used the same methods and many are going to appear!

Next is Rabbit! Then what's next?

Dumplings and Sake!! One rabbit is lonely so she needs a partner!

Yes! A pair of rabbits are moon-bathing and enjoy drinking sake!! They are very happy! I'm happy too!!

My pottery teacher already put it up and introduced it in his blog →http://agetsu-kobo.jugem.jp/?eid=59#trackback

I made one more. The 2nd one looks very different from this one and I'll introduce it in my next blog.

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