pastel classes with my sister

One week has passed really fast! I suddenly became very busy but I enjoy this life!

Last weekend , I had pastel classes with my little sister at pottery studio I attend. 4 people joined in the morning class. 2 of them were my friends and other 2 were my sister's.

This is my sister ↓ We are very different in personalities and hobbies. Only this pastel painting is common to us. After I became a pastel instructor this May, my sister became a pre-instructor this August. She decided to be a instructor next year.

I asked her to be my assistant this time. It was a great opportunity for my sister as a result. The two friends next to her promoted the fun of pastel-painting and collected their friends. My sister is having 2 classes this and next month at their house.

My sister's pace for everything especially deciding things related to her own life is very slow and I always push her forward. But these days, her pace becomes much faster!!! Her life changed drastically!!! I'm very glad ♪

These were what they painted in the morning class.

Original theme in the morning was `rabbits' moon-bathing' but the famous moon-bathing season was over in Japan. We couldn't attract many students so we made another sample of `sun-bathing' version.
All of them were very unique and original!

After one hour break(actually only 30 minutes for us), the afternoon class started. The theme was `autumn leaves'. There were 3 participants. 2 of them tried before and it was their 2nd time.

I often have pastel workshop at my friend's house. My friend decided no men can join in any classes held at her house because she likes to  make women feel comfortable and relaxing.

One man, a husband of my friend wanted to learn pastel-painting so much. He bought the pastel set but didn't know how to paint. He finally could attend the class at pottery studio. The owner has no restrictions. I taught several techniques so he was very happy whenever he could express his inner world. His dream is making a book. Good luck!

These were what they created!

We used the real leaves to make the pattern.  So they looked real and beautiful!!!

Participants in the afternoon. They looked very contented with their paints and I looked very happy with cream puffs! My sister on the right side looked tired. She said it was a new experience! She used to be a kindergarten teacher. She knows how to take care of kids and once she was taken to a children's pastel class by our teacher to assist. But teaching several adults at 2 classes a day were very NEW to her!!! I always give her challenges (*^^)v

All the participants in both morning and afternoon classes had a very good time and they said they liked to try again!!  We are very glad to hear that!!!

See you soon!!

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