Enjoy 11-11-11♪

Japan finished the day, 2011 11 11 a few hours ago. I enjoyed the day feeling surrounded by lots of positive energy. In addition to this, it was a full moon on this day. It was supposed to be a special full moon. However, it was raining all day in Japan. I couldn't see the full moon. But we know rain and water were good for purification. I enjoyed being purified by rain, actually the sound of rain. I stayed home and enjoyed painting pictures of Christmas tree for my next pastel workshop.

Do you know if the last 2 numbers of your birth year add to your age, the result for everyone is the same this year, 2011, which is 111.

For example, the birth year is 1990 and your age this year is 21.
the last 2 numbers, 90 + your age 21=111!

Try this, everyone!

All of us live in the special year.
We chose to be born and live at this special moment.
And we can meet each other at this special moment.
This is already a miracle!
Please enjoy this moment!!

For people who experience this date, 111111, please enjoy this!
Focus on the positive energy not on negative one.

Your thought create reality.
The speed which thought turns into reality becomes faster these days.
Not only positive but also negative ideas become reality.
Release negative ideas like fear, anxiety and doubts whenever they come up in your mind.
Just surround yourself with positive energy like happiness, peace and love.

The power of full moon help you to release unnecessary ideas, customs and behavior.
Please enjoy moon-bathing when the weather is clear at night!

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