Beautiful Fireworks!

It is a summer holiday now in Japan. For a few days centring on the 15th of August, companies and shops are closed. Office workers add their paid holidays to spend a long vacation in foreign countries. Although I said `long', office workers can't take a longer vacation more than 9 days. Usually a 9-day holiday one time is at maximum. Many go back to their hometown and they suffer from heavy heavy traffic jams.

One of my favorite things this season is Fireworks Displays. These days, I don't go to the sites because I can't stand so many people. I found a video of a beautiful fireworks display held in Nagaoka this year.
The fireworks in Nagaoka is one of the most popular displays. There were 420,000 visitors on Aug. 2nd and 380,000 on the 3rd. Nagaoka is located in Niigata, the northern part of Japan. It was OK this time but Niigata suffered from 2 big earthquakes in recent years.

Not only Niigata but also many prefectures which are still suffering from this disaster held and will hold festivals and fireworks displays. Thousands of fireworks which were supposed to be used in Tokyo were saved and delivered to the damaged areas. This fireworks is out hope of the recovery.
Please enjoy the beautiful fireworks!


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