Hello September!!

Mt. Fuji

Almost 3 months have passed since my last update.

It was very hot and humid summer but now I feel autumn is approaching now.

Until August, I was very busy. Although I finished my main job, I was involved in small things.
But all was over and I was free now!

Then I spend time with my family and friends.

Mother is still in bad condition and I don't think she's getting well.
Until now, I worried and thought of her a lot. But now I am just calm to accept all.
I wish she have some moment to feel happy in a day or in a few days.

Now I like to start working on my own book.
I like to self-publish a book. I am thinking what to write.
I just know I like to write about Japan from my experience as a tour guide and about myself.
If there is anything you like to know about Japan when you visit, please let me know.

And I'll start traveling again next month.
I'll do my best for my book until then.

Hope all have a wonderful September!!

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