St. Valentine's Day

It is St. Valentine's Day tomorrow! In Japan, the Valentine's Day is always associated with chocolates.
Feb. 14th  is a very special day for girls who are in love. Girls give chocolates to boys they love. Although the girls never say, ` I love you', just giving chocolates equals the words. Then if the boys love the girls, boys will return something sweets like candies and marshmallows on March 14th, which is called `White Day'. That means I love you, too.  How sweet it is! But girls have to wait for a month to know the answer!
We know these customs are plotted by chocolate and candy companies. But it is a kind of good way to express love for shy Japanese.

These days, it becomes a kind of tacit compulsory for ladies working at company to give chocolates to coworkers, bosses and so on.

Chocolates stands can be seen everywhere in Japan about a week before the Valentine's Day. Many women taste a variety of chocolates and buy many of them. The amount of money women spend differs depending on whom they present. They rank chocolates like the most loved one, obligatory ones, friends, just thanks....

A month later, the White Day comes. This is the day for men to return something to women. Although they got something obligatory and small, they usually try to return something better because men are sometimes ostentatious. I'm sorry for men!

It is very different Valentine's Day from the West and maybe other Asian countries.

 For me? It's a top secret!

I wish all of you can express your true love!!
I love you all!

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